Sarina Jain /

Creator, Masala Bhangra®

Sarina Jain is coined as the "Indian Jane Fonda," as she is the pioneer in bringing Indian dance to the US Fitness at a global level. Recognized as a global game changer, She successfully moves, touches and inspires many people around the world with her knowledge and passion for Bhangra and Bollywood. Recognized as a global game changer, Sarina has over 12 workout videos under her belt with Masala Bhangra® classes offered in over 20 countries around the world. In 2015, she will be celebrating 15 years of the inception of Masala Bhangra®!

    Sarina Jain and Masala Bhangra® Career Highlights
  • Celebrating 23 years in the fitness industry
  • 15 years of Masala Bhangra®
  • Face of Nestlé Fitness Cereal Box for 2010 featured on 2.6 million boxes
  • 5 seasons hosting Discovery Channel’s All Star Workouts on FitTV
  • 12 Masala Bhangra® workout videos
  • 500 Masala Bhangra® Ambassadors around the world
  • July 2015 Cover Girl for American Fitness Magazine