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It’s been quite a long now since I have been thinking about Bollywood Diaries, a film based on the passionate dreamers and strugglers of Bollywood. An out and out Ashish Vidyarthi’s film directed by   K.D. Satyam, of Gattu fame. Gattu, a children’s film held in high regards by critics and film reviewers   all over the world. It was showcased at 62nd Berlin International Film Festival under special category   and got awarded too. So, the expectations were high from the audience. To be honest, when I received the invitation for the screening I wasn’t sure about the movie. It sounded more like an art cinema or an offbeat movie, but thankfully it proved me wrong. As the title is suggesting it is all about cinema, dreams, passion, betrayal and a lot more about Hindi film industry.  Here the director has put a perfect collage of three different stories, all connected to dreaming of Bollywood which sadly ends on a non-positive note. Well, this co-incidentally happens every day in Mumbai.

As a cinema lover,  I admit that I have grown up with Hindi cinema, for me, Friday doesn’t just bring   a three hours movie rather it always brings a different world, a new culture, a cinematic view of someone’s creativity and a plethora of hopes and dreams. I have crossed thirty years almost dwelling    in the world of art, literature and cinema and till now that filmy keeda is not out of my veins. I must have watched a thousand movies yes, I have never counted them so far.

Attending festivals, meeting directors, story- narrators and lots of other creative bents of minds have proved to me again and again that we all are born dreamers, it just your dedication and determination which makes you a class apart otherwise it could be a big mess.

Bollywood has always been pitched as a main stream Hindi cinema but the fact is that it has been shaped up by different talents from all over the country, over the decades. It attracts people just like magnet and that is the reason we have an industry beyond any distinctions. We all have heard a lot of sad/bad stories of cheating, fraud, broken dreams and an insatiable desire for getting success in Bollywood. Casting couch, asking for compromises is all a part (hidden) of this Mayanagri. Not everyone is fortunate enough, despite these true incidents and stories hundreds of people from all over India get down daily at Mumbai to become the next Amitabh or Shahrukh, but think when was the last time we have heard of a new rising star. Sorry, but I could not think of any replacement for these larger than life Khans.

Bollywood Diaries is a tribute to those people who have a passion for cinema, in fact they try their best to fulfill their dreams,  but somehow most of them are unable to see their dreams coming true, which is sometimes circumstantial,  but most of the time it’s just due to lack of talent. This movie has another clear and strong message as well, yes; we tend to refuse to accept some facts about ourselves, whilst chasing our dreams. We should learn to admit what the mirror is reflecting on or what our inner self is reminding us. Passion is not about chasing your dreams blindly. Be focused.

In this film the director picked up three main characters: Ashish Vidyarthi as a middle aged guy named Vishnu, Raima Sen as Imli (sex worker) and another cinema enthusiastic call centre guy. Both the male character belongs to medium class and Imli from Sonagachhi, Kolkatta, is a typical sex worker but a hardcore Bollywood dreamer. As soon as the film starts you will get the feel that this story is really gripping. Ashish Vidyarthi’s electric performance will make your eyes moist several times and so does the Imli. K D Satyam has narrated the story in a very eloquent manner with complete honesty. Rest of the cast is justified too in every manner. Anyway, I do not want to reveal the journey and the excitement of the narration but I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed after knowing the journey of Imli and Vishnu, rather it would be an experience.

A must watch for Bollywood lovers!

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