All About Cinema… by Tanu Sharmaa(Molecule Communications)


In the last few weeks, there were too much happening in the country (not positive at all), different distorted brains have put their best efforts at different illogical things in the name of sorting things out in the country. While some were trying to enforce meat ban the other ones were busy issuing some Fatwas and few were at their best to give restless life at some corners of our country. But as we know the world doesn’t end here, we have some positivity around too.

Thankfully we have our own sorted brains thus, we try to live and enjoy life in other ways we enjoy good cinema, interesting events, exhibitions, art and craft fair and multiple festivals. Yes, this is the agony that despite reading, watching the most horrified news every day we have to keep our sanity intact and to maintain this mental balance we have to keep ourselves busy in multiple artistic things. Not precisely artistic but the things which soothes our nerves after facing this wild and barbaric acts of world. Here I am not talking about alcohol which is the most desired thing after any irrational brain storming (for few).

In fact, this dream city doesn’t sleep and keep the spirit alive, poor Mumbaikars, they have no other option but to stand up and move on. The entire industry is actually a dream for few but for the majority it’s their livelihood and trust me it is their sweat and blood only which converts that average blank sheet of a theatre into ‘Silver Screen’ of dreams, hopes and desires.

Watching a piece of good cinema is always a relaxing experience for those who believe in dreams and want to convert their dreams into reality. Since, we have no other cheaper mode of entertainment in the country.  So we wait for the entire week and every Friday rush to local cinema hall or multiplexes. Yes, whether we admit or not but we as Indians wait for the Fridays. But Imagine if you don’t have to wait for a whole week and one new film is available every day… hmm, possible. It is sounding a bit hypothetical but we have already started living in tech-era so everything is possible now.

Last week only I visited a short film festival ‘Manhattan Short’ in the city (town) and found some celebs promoting this event along with the owner of Pocket Films, Sameer Mody. Pocket Films promised to provide one film every day, available online with the partnership of Youtube. Watching short movies is not a new thing for cinema lovers but getting a solid platform for the launching and high end distribution is really a great thing for them. No doubt this is a proud moment for those who dream big through short films. The event kicked off with the screening of ten global short movies extended by Hindi short films. Not to forget this city came to life by such event, one could feel the excitement in the air. It was a very successful event and hoping that it will find continuity in the cinema event niche in Mumbai.

Now, come to global cinema, why? Don’t we always look up to Hollywood for a better version of our dreams.  Since long we are crazy enough for all the Hollywood movies whether it is a hi-fi fiction or a period drama or projection of any super hero. May be some are shy in admitting but still they crave for Hollywood cinema more than Bollywood. But now hold your breath and keep an eye on the countdown which has already begun.

Cinema Beyond Boundaries is the platform i am talking about, where East meets West. CBB is an initiative by Molecule Communications which is trying to blur the boundary between the different worlds of cinema. According to the founders of CBB, no cinema is regional or offbeat or art or foreign its only cinema which is either good or bad and it can be quiet subjective. Yes, it could vary from person to person, we all have rights to choose things as per our taste. According to Madhur Bhandarkar “Cinema can’t be categorized in art or commercial, it’s just good or bad.” So, next time if a Marathi film maker is interested in shooting at California or Spielberg is willing to make any movie in India, CBB should be the ideal platform for both to connect. But, yes there are some queries and questions attached with the idea of blurring the boundaries and the biggest one is funds. We all are pretty aware that without funds we can’t get a solid foundation. So, do not hesitate in helping us to build this platform big which could be a help in achieving dreams!

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